Speaking, Retreat, and Pulpit Supply Topics

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Seminars and Series

  • The LifeBridge Seminar (7-hour guided Workshop for finding and fulfilling your Life-calling)
  • "Loving God" (New Seminar on Matthew 22:36-40)
  • "Should Theology be Boring?" (Developing Passion for God by contemplating the nature of God )
  • Basic Apologetics Series
  • "What is Truth?” (John 18:33-38) (Developing a Christian Philosophy of Life)
  • "Breaking Barriers to Bonding": Developing a Rich Spiritual Community (Series on 1 Corinthians)
  • "Major Lessons from Minor Prophets" (Powerful teachings on the Minor Prophets and the attributes of God)
  • "What is Biblical Mentoring" (Series on 1 Timothy)
  • Dating for Dummies: Developing Christ-centered Relationships (3 hour Workshop)

Individual Talks

  • Holy Calling: How to know your calling and avoid the trap of busyness
  • "How to Know if God is Speaking to You"
  • "Living On-purpose in a Fast-paced Culture"
  • "Living the Mystery": The Holy Spirit in Daily Life
  • "The Lord is the Spirit": The Holy Spirit in the Church
  • Restoring the Priority of Family in your Home
  • Joy in the Ministry (Avoiding Ministerial Burnout)
  • Answering the Questions no one is asking about Heaven
  • True Leadership: Serving and Equipping Others
  • True Spirituality: Grace and Purpose in Everyday Life
  • Other topics by request

College Curriculum: Life-Purpose and Strategic Life Planning

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