Fee Schedule

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  1. Standard 7-hour LifeBridge Seminar (includes LifeBridge Notebook, a $20 value)


Bridge Ministries will charge the host party $1500 for the first 1 to 30 participants, plus travel and lodging expenses, along with an additional $20 per each additional participant. The host party may charge participants whatever they desire (though they should charge at least $10 and no more than $50 per participant; contact us for exceptions). The host should provide refreshments at the Seminar. Bridge Ministries will cover the cost of Seminar Notebooks and materials, as well as our own meals.

  1. LifeBridge Leadership Seminar (designed for Church staff/leadership teams)

Contact John Studebaker

  1. LifeBridge for Couples. 

Contact John Studebaker

BASIC SEMINAR EXPENSES (covered by Bridge Ministries):

LifeBridge Workbooks will be provided for each participant (a $20 value)

Brochures for the Seminar will be provided upon request.

ADDITIONAL EXPENSES (covered by the Host party):

Advertising: Host party will need to arrange and pay for radio advertising (and all other advertising). Bridge Ministries speaker will be available for radio interviews.

Accomodations: To avoid additional expenses, please provide means for travel to and from the airport. Also, please arrange for either a hotel or home of a host for Seminar speakers.

The host party is responsible for paying for refreshments, room or equipment rental, and all additional expenses not mentioned above. Lunch may be provided by the host party, or they may ask attendees to bring extra money to go out for lunch.

Bridge Ministries does not charge a deposit for their Seminars. However, if a Seminar is cancelled within one month of the confirmed Seminar date, we ask the host to please provide Bridge Ministries with a $300 love offering (which can be applied toward a future Seminar).


The host group has the freedom to charge attendees as they desire, as long as they cover Bridge Ministries' fee schedule. The host group may wish to raise the registration fee to cover their own expenses, subsidize part of the Seminar in order to offer a lower fee, or provide scholarships for those unable to pay full price. Registration payments can be made through our web site as well as through the host group.

We strongly advise that attendees pre-enroll and prepay. Pre-registration forms are available on our Brochures (which we will send you upon request) and attendees are also able to register online. We will set up a special link for your local Seminar on the home page.

PAYMENT TO BRIDGE MINISTRIES: Please be prepared to pay Bridge Ministries (i.e. cover the fee schedule) on the day of the Seminar. Checks should be made out to Bridge Ministries, Inc.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Please see Hosting A Seminar


OTHER SPEAKING TOPICS, EVENTS, AND RETREATS - Suggested $200 - $400 donation per talk (plus expenses).

Call John, Jr. at (269) 277-7020
Or email us at info@bridge-ministries.org

Please send checks to: Bridge Ministries, Inc., 10851 East D Ave, Richland MI 49083

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