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Please Read This Entire Page Thoroughly.

Please also go to the "Fee Schedule" for other critical information. Thank you!

CONTACT PERSON: Please assign one decision making person as a point of contact.

PRAYER TEAM: Please assign at least a couple people to keep the Seminar in prayer on a daily basis, particularly the week of the Seminar.

SECURING A SEMINAR DATE: We will need at least 3 weeks advance notice prior to the actual seminar date in order to secure a date.This will allow all arrangements to be made at the most inexpensive rates possible (i.e. airfare).

Please allow 7 hours for a standard LifeBridge seminar. If possible, please break this up into at least two time blocks, preferably three. For example, a seminar schedule might be Friday night 7-9pm, Saturday 9am-noon and 7-9pm. Other arrangements might be: Saturday morning and afternoon and Sunday afternoon; Friday night potlucks for 3 weeks (6-8:30pm); Wednesday evenings (7-8pm) for 7 weeks.


We provide all that you need to host and promote a LifeBridge Seminar (ie. Flyers, posters, bulletin inserts, etc) and will assist you in any way we can. Let us know:

if you need FLYERS -- we can email a master to you or they can be copied and sent in the mail

if I can do a LIVE RADIO INTERVIEW -- please send the name of the Radio Station contact person with phone number.

We suggest that you contact the Christian stations in your area with basic information for "bulletin board" announcements. For Example:

"First Baptist Church is hosting The LifeBridge Seminar on Saturday, July 25, from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. LifeBridge is designed to help you clarify God's unique purpose for your life, so you can align your entire life with His purposes. Its great for people in a time of transition or those needing to re-assess their personal mission in life. The cost is only $30 per person. Call 555-5555 or go to bridge dash ministries dot org for more information and to sign up."

PRE-REGISTRATION: We strongly advise that attendees pre-enroll and prepay. Pre-registration forms are available on our FLYERS (which we will send you upon request) and attendees are also able to register online. We would prefer that checks be made to Bridge Ministries, but other arrangements are possible in this regard. Please see Fee Schedule for more information on Pre-registration.

FACILITIES:The hosting party is responsible to pay any rental fees that may be incurred for Seminar room or equipment. Please provide a comfortable room that can fit at least 50% more people than anticipated. Usually a church or hotel can provide such accomodations. We prefer to have tables set up with 4 or 6 chairs per table (participants will at times work in groups of two). Also, if possible please set up equipment for a POWER POINT presentation (I will bring my laptop computer). If this is not available, an overhead projector with screen will suffice. You may also want to have nametag stickers available.

REFRESHMENTS/MEALS: We recommend having nutritional refreshments available (fruits, vegetables, juice, coffee, granola bars, etc.). Also, if you decide to go past lunchtime, we suggest that a meal be provided (i.e. hosts may want to collect $ at registration for pizza).

QUESTIONS? Call John, Jr. at (269) 277-7020 Or email us at

Bridge Ministries

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