"ChurchBridge" Church Consulting

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ChurchBridge” is a Spirit-led process that will help assess the spiritual health of your church, clarify God’s unique “calling” for your Church, and develop a plan for activating this calling.

Working with your staff and elders, we will first conduct a basic analysis of your church, using several tools to understand your present health as a church and obtain first-hand knowledge of your local church and her ministry effectiveness. These tools include a survey or an on-site visit that includes interviews with your leadership, and a community review.

Then we shall meet with your team for 4 hours to walk through the assessment process, based on the “Tom Patterson assessment tool.” The “Turning Point Inventory” will lead to an understanding of your Church’s overall themes, core values, and roadblocks.

Finally, we shall meet again for 5 hours to discover your Church’s “calling” and develop a plan based on your calling as well as on the Biblical model of the Lord's vision for a Great Commission church.

Prices are dependent upon the size of your church. All expenses are itemized. Contact us for a quote.

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