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LifeBridge Coaching was designed to help individuals find and fulfill their “life-calling.” It is especially useful in a time of transition, confusion, or re-evaluation.

Discovering God’s will can be one of life’s greatest challenges, especially for those in ministry or business.  LifeBridge Coaching will give your life spiritual vision and focus based on solid biblical foundations. You’ll discover your unique calling in life, and develop a plan to live out your calling every day. personalworkpic

LifeBridge Coaching is typically conducted at our BMI Oasis in Richland Michigan (though we can also conduct it through "Skype" or over the phone). You will walk through our LifeBridge DVD series (about 4 hours) and spend time with Dr. Studebaker to solidify the process (3 hours). We can also spend 3 additional hours working through the "Turning Points Inventory" and Decision-making matrix.

In doing so you will discover your God-given purpose ("why you are here"), mission ("what God has uniquely designed you to do"), and vision ("where and how you will activate your purpose and mission").  You'll develop a basic "blueprint" for your life - a plan to live out your purpose, mission, and vision over the next 12 months. 

We can also help you re-assess your plan at 3, 6, and 9 months.

Several pastors and leaders around the country have found LifeBridge Coaching to be a major catalyst for their own personal development as well as their ministry development and focus. Please see "Testimonials" page.

Contact Dr. Studebaker to discuss your specific needs: or (269) 277-7020

See also the Store LifeBridge Coaching store for the Requested Donation for LifeBridge Coaching.

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