The Africa Project

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The Africa Project was launched in June 2008 with Dr. Studebaker's trip to Kenya and Uganda.  We now two ministry representatives in Africa.  Please contact them to get involved with this exciting and expanding ministry!


Cosmas Ladu Saturlino, Director, BMI ministry in Sudan - cosmas

(Sept 2010) "It is very clear to me that God is sending me to work full time ministry with some of my trained pastors. I have prayed and fasted for some days. Also I met & discussed with all my trained pastors, we agreed that we are going to establish ten training centers in 10 states of south Sudan for conducting BMI Seminars. This a massive work to do my brother. I have seen their seriousness & commitment in the meeting last Saturday.

This new strategy will of course motivate me to invest all my energy& time to run BMI as a full time minisry. Currently I am still mobilizing, selecting & grouping some pastors to work together as one unit in each. Please do pray for me & the pastors here for this dream to come true."

(January 2010)  "Dr John Studebaker is my Mentor and Teacher. I had a privilege to attend the launching of his ministries in Africa at Scott Theological College in Kenya as the only Sudanese among many different African nationalities represented during the launching. I have learned & benefitted a lot from Dr Studebaker. His ministry is not for profit but for helping Pastors and fellow Christians from different works of life to find and fulfill their God-Given Calling by preparing Christians for real world impact. I highly invite you to attend a LifeBridge Seminar or Video Workshop. It is Bible based, Spirit-led and Community oriented. I have been conducting Workshops in Sudan since January 2009."

You can contact Cosmas at 

Nairobi, KenyaMartin_Dr._Ngondi__Samuel_after_the_LifeBridge_Camp

Martin Mukusa, Director ( (Martin is shown in this photo, on the left) -

Martin conducted a LifeBridge Seminar at a Youth Camp in Mombasa in November 2010. The results were fantastic!  Here's Martin's comments: 

"The Camp awesome!  Forty-two young people developed statements on PURPOSE, MISSION and VISION! Five of them gave their lives to Christ!  Please thank God on this and pray that God will hold them onto His salvation! Thanks."

Your can read more about Martin's work with BMI here and on his Facebook page, under Matto Jimalwa.

Here are some testimonies from other LifeBridge Seminars conducted by Martin:

“It has confirmed the things about my calling that I wasn’t sure of. It is a wonderful experience that I would recommend for all.” –Linet Atieno, Communications Director, Kemri/CDC

“LifeBridge has proved to me that we are not here by accident; that God created us for a reason, a purpose according to His will. It’s a spiritual self-discovering process.”-Fred Oguttu, Accountant, Spectre International Ltd.

“It’s sobering to know all my time in this world is being summed up. It makes me realize I need to get busy with Gods purpose in my life.”-Paul Ogindo, Data Manager, Kemri/CDC

 Here's some photos from the Youth Camp -











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